Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ok, I'm going to rant just a little bit here.

My husband and I have been working on our townhome lately.
We've been trying to make it look less apartment looking.
We redecorated the guest bath, painted a wall in the kitchen,
and bought some d├ęcor items for the dining table and the coffee table.

My shelf in the guest bath, it's not crooked, I just took a lopsided picture.
Out next to do was to buy a large bookshelf for the living/dining area.
We found the perfect one at Value City Furniture, and we went to purchase it Friday.
Now, before I start in on my rant let me tell you why I'm ranting.
I work at a locally owned furniture store.
I didn't buy the shelf from my store because we didn't have one
that matched our dining set, and coffee table, and my husband is all about the matching.
I know about customer service. I know about stores that go above and beyond for the
customer and Value City is not one of those stores.
We were told it had to be ordered even though there were 3 on the floor in perfect condition.
They don't sell off the floor. At my store, if a customer wants something right away, and
they are willing to take it off the floor, they get it.
That being said, we wanted the shelf, so we were ok with ordering it.
They said it would be in Wednesday, and that if we didn't pick it at their warehouse (which
is inconveniently located 40 minutes away from our house & the store where we purchased it)
within 48 hours the shelf would go to someone else.
My husband and I both have fulltime jobs, what if we can't get their within the 2 days?
It was as if Value City was inconvenienced that we bought from them.
At my furniture store if a customer buys something, that item is theirs and we hold it at our warehouse until they can pick it up.
Whether is be a week or 6 months.
I know Value City's policies are the same as most of these big furniture chains but why should that be the norm?
What happened to the kind of customer service where they employees make you
feel valued for shopping with them?
I offer that type of service everyday in my store and I guess I just expect the same for others.
Sorry for my rant.

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  1. That is ridiculous about the shelf.. this place doesn't sound very client friendly at all... cannot stand places like that at all.

    Rant away - we are here to rant and listen :)