Friday, April 18, 2014

If "Oh Shit, What did I do?" is the first thing you hear in the morning, just go back to bed.

Advice I should have followed.
So here's how my Friday went .
Last night after work my husband decided to go have a few drinks with his friend whose name I will
not mention. His friend had a few too many drinks, and so Johnny let him stay on our couch so
he wouldn't try to drive.
I was asleep when they came home so I wasn't even aware there was someone on the
couch until I woke up and Johnny told me.
And then from downstairs I heard "Oh shit, What did I do?"
followed by "Johnny, please don't kill me."
Because his friend peed on our couch in his sleep.
Our beautiful microfiber sectional got completely pissed on.
We didn't yell at him because the situation was really embarrassing for him and
I know he was drunk and didn't mean it.
But after Johnny dropped him off at his car, there
was lots of yelling.
I had to leave the house and go get groceries for an hour or so while
Johnny cleaned our sofa, which I hope can be saved but time will tell.
Because if I even smell a whiff of urine that baby is going on the sidewalk.
And that's how my Friday went.
My couch, before the pissing incident obviously.
Yelling by me, mainly.

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  1. Hahaha I HAD to laugh and relate to the title of your post.... too funny.

    Ah dear - so sorry to hear about your couch!!!!!