Friday, September 13, 2013

Haves & Wants.

Happy Friday!
Today I'm gonna be a little more fashion-y.
First, I'm gonna tell you my favorite store to shop at:
They make clothes that are the perfect fit for me.
I browsed their new arrivals and here are a couple of
pieces I want..bad.

Loving cropped tops right now!
I had a GC to Target for $25 bucks today so I did a little
clothing shopping. Trying to build up my wardrobe on a budget.
I must say I wasn't pleased with the selection at Target.
I was pretty underwhelmed but I found 2 tops I liked.

Who knew I would ever buy a muscle tee ?
I love them now.
Love, Mel.

1 comment:

  1. I buy some of my clothes from Target, but I feel like you really have to dig or just wait for the next batch of clothes to come in. It's surprising, but people do rush the racks there and snatch up all the cute stuff.