Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ok, I'm going to rant just a little bit here.

My husband and I have been working on our townhome lately.
We've been trying to make it look less apartment looking.
We redecorated the guest bath, painted a wall in the kitchen,
and bought some décor items for the dining table and the coffee table.

My shelf in the guest bath, it's not crooked, I just took a lopsided picture.
Out next to do was to buy a large bookshelf for the living/dining area.
We found the perfect one at Value City Furniture, and we went to purchase it Friday.
Now, before I start in on my rant let me tell you why I'm ranting.
I work at a locally owned furniture store.
I didn't buy the shelf from my store because we didn't have one
that matched our dining set, and coffee table, and my husband is all about the matching.
I know about customer service. I know about stores that go above and beyond for the
customer and Value City is not one of those stores.
We were told it had to be ordered even though there were 3 on the floor in perfect condition.
They don't sell off the floor. At my store, if a customer wants something right away, and
they are willing to take it off the floor, they get it.
That being said, we wanted the shelf, so we were ok with ordering it.
They said it would be in Wednesday, and that if we didn't pick it at their warehouse (which
is inconveniently located 40 minutes away from our house & the store where we purchased it)
within 48 hours the shelf would go to someone else.
My husband and I both have fulltime jobs, what if we can't get their within the 2 days?
It was as if Value City was inconvenienced that we bought from them.
At my furniture store if a customer buys something, that item is theirs and we hold it at our warehouse until they can pick it up.
Whether is be a week or 6 months.
I know Value City's policies are the same as most of these big furniture chains but why should that be the norm?
What happened to the kind of customer service where they employees make you
feel valued for shopping with them?
I offer that type of service everyday in my store and I guess I just expect the same for others.
Sorry for my rant.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The 5 Beauty Products I can't live without.

Every woman has their arsenal of beauty products that they use daily.
I'm not different.
I change of my look from time to time but I basically stick with the same
tried and true products that I've come to love and trust.
Here they are:
1. Nivea Sun Kissed Radiance gradual tanning lotion Fair to Medium complexion.
I've been using this since late February, and while it doesn't make you tan, it does add a pretty
natural glow to your complexion. It's like I sprinkled bronzer all over my body.
I love it. I'm not crazy about the smell though, the other day my husband said I smelled like McDonalds after I put it on. No woman wants to hear that.
2. Nars Blush/Bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna
I'm blush obsessed and I'm so thankful to have won this a few months back.
It's a little pricey for my budget so I never would have discovered it otherwise, but I'm so happy
I found it. The blush is my favorite shade of pink and the bronzer adds that perfect finished glow on top.
3. Juicy Couture Perfume Peace Love and Juicy.
I believe every woman should a signature scent.
This is mine. I loved it ever since I found a sample in a magazine and last month my mom bought it
for me for my 25th birthday. I spray it in my hair too, and every time I walk in front of someone with my hair swinging, I get complemented that I smell nice. It's my little secret.
4. Maybelline Chiffon Chic.
I have lots of nail polishes. This is my favorite for spring.
I love the sweet pink, it reminds of a slightly sexier version of Ballet Slippers pink and I can't
get enough.
5. Revlon Red Lacquer lipstick. No. 29.

                   Until this showed up in my mailbox thanks to an Instyle giveaway, I had never
tried red lipstick. I was convinced I could never pull it off.
Now I don't leave the house without it. It makes me feel sexy and confident.
Have you tried any of these?
What products can you not live without?

Thursday, April 3, 2014


When I was growing up my family and I lived on 3 and a half acres.
One of our favorite things to do in the spring was to start planting our garden.
We had a big vegetable garden in a field west of our house and a beautiful garden with flower beds in the front yard.
I used to feel so free and peaceful when I walked our property surrounded
by all the beautiful trees and flowers.
Now living in a one bedroom townhome that has a small enclosed patio and no yard
I feel trapped and claustrophobic.
I want a garden more than anything.
I've been searching for apartment gardens on pinterest and while it won't be anything like the
gardens I had growing up, it is possible to have a small one.
Here are some of my favorite ideas:


These ideas inspired me so much.
I can't wait to take a trip to Home Depot this weekend and see what kind of garden I can create.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Resolutions Suck.

And again another resolution has gone down the drain.
I was dedicated at the start of January to a schedule of working out.
I decided to start easy considering my record of laziness by only committing myself
to working out once a week, and it seems I can't even do that.
I was good up until this month. Since the start of March I've been making excuse after excuse for why I can't work out.

Johnny and I on Monday after he dragged me out of the house and made me go to the park.

I'm not doing this because I need to lose weight. On the contrary I could stand to gain a few pounds.
I need to work out because if I don't I will continue to go down this path of complete and utter laziness. I sit on the couch in front of the tv on my days off and I don't move for hours, the same thing happens when I get home from work. Just hours and hours in front of the tv.

I just don't know what else will motivate me that I haven't tried. I want to live a more active and fulfilled life than the one I'm living. What's going to give to finally get me going on the right path?

And speaking of healthy..this arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I don't think it's going to motivate me, but man did it make me happy. I think I even cried a little.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Who Says Grey Has To Be Gloomy?

I pin a lot of home décor inspiration
I can't wait until Johnny and I have a home of our own
that we can decorate any way we please.
Grey is my favorite color and it's definitely a theme in my home décor pins.
There are so many different shades of it, so you can use it
throughout an entire home without it being too much.
Here's some recent pins:


Some gorgeous inspiration, right?
Grey is such amazing color. It goes with
almost anything!
I love all of it.
And the second one is a joke, obvi.
Well, maybe not I would love to have that above my bed but I realize that it may not
be appropriate.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Bittersweet Goodbye.

My Grandpa passed away Tuesday.
He was 88 years old.
It wasn't unexpected, we knew this day was coming.
He had been bedridden for some time, confined to a wheelchair before that, and had lost almost of quality of life.
It was bittersweet.
Sad to lose the grandfather I remember growing up with as a child, but relieved to know
he would no longer be in any kind of pain or suffering.
This is my grandfather, the guy behind him is his half brother, whom
he got to meet for the first time when he was 86. He was adopted as a child
and through my sister and my aunt got to find information on his birth mother.
We weren't extremely close. My dad's parents were hard to get close to, they aren't
extremely affectionate people, but he was my grandpa. And I know he loved his grandchildren.
He was always the one to remember our birthdays, reminding my grandmother to send the cards out every year. And I really loved his smile. He had a wonderful smile. It's the same smile my father has, maybe that's why I loved it so much.
I know that somewhere in heaven he is walking around right now happy to be free.
We miss you Grandpa.
You were loved.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Thing I'm Terrible At.

I have this theory that everyone in the world is a genius at something.
It could be anything.
Sometimes people discover it at a young age, but others don't find it until later.
I keep waiting to find my thing.
I learned on Friday that Putt Putt is not it.
Add it to the list of things I'm terrible at.
My husband and I went with his friend Ronald, who I enjoy spending time with
when he is sober. Which is why I will only hang out with him during alcohol free activities, like putt putt. Moving on to the point.
I was terrible.
I completely forgot how to play when I got there.
I kept forgetting my ball in every hole, and this sweet pregnant lady kept running after us to bring it to me every time. I'm sure by the 15th hole she was pretty sick of my shit
It took me about 5 tries every time.
Johnny says I'm an over eager putt putt and I kept hitting the golfball far away from the hole and into
ponds, parking lots and even a busy street.
Thankfully Ronald braved the street and retrieved it for me.
I won't even tell you my score.
I will just tell you that Johnny and Ronald scored in the 40s which is normal for putt putt.
You can double their scores to get mine.

I will find my thing.